Children’s Feet

Children are a big part of our practice and we try our very best to make sure they feel very comfortable in order to reduce the nervousness when they come into the doctor’s office. A major complaint that we see in our office from parent’s is that their children become very tired when they run or play in gym class. They fall down a lot and they generally have a lot of pain in their feet, which is not normal for a kid at such a young age. Upon evaluation, we normally see that the issue is a flat foot and when we tell the parent, they believe the kids will grow out of it. That is simply not true.

We put the child in a custom orthotic, which helps reduce the pain and tiredness that they feel. It also will help them walk better. In addition to flat feet, we notice a lot of cases of what is known as “in-toeing” or “Out-toeing”, which also adds to the pain they are experiencing. Through the custom orthotic we can also control that to help the patient progress to a pain-free lifestyle and eventually develop a good arch to where they won’t need to use the orthotic as an adult.